Builder Profile: Myriad Bikes

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Profile

Meet Krystian Lemkowski, the Founder, engineer, designer and all-in-one craftsman of Myriad Bikes in Poland. Krystian builds beautifully crafted road bikes and has been working on his design and construction since 2014.  Krystian is currently in the exciting transition from hobbyist to professional.

"I decided to become a professional right after I finished my first bike. Since that time I have improved the technology and in 2019 I created the MYRIAD brand."  Krystian Lemkowski

Krystian, like many builders we've met, remembers the moment the idea of a wood bike first arrived in his life.  

"I remember this one moment as if it was yesterday. It was June, Sunday, dinner with my in-laws. My father-in-law worked his whole life as a furniture carpenter. At one point he said, “a few days ago I saw a wooden bike on television. It looked interesting.”  At first I could not imagine it but it stuck with me. As soon as I got home, I searched “wooden bike” in the internet and then saw. At the moment I knew what I really wanted to do in my life." Krystian Lemkowski

The passion and attention to detail shines through on Krystian's frames and we're excited to see the following he will build in Poland, Europe and beyond.

Read on to learn more about Myriad Bikes and Krystian Lemkowski.

WBS: What type of bikes do you build?

Krystian:  I build only road bikes. Why? The wooden frame is durable, light and what is very important on road bikes - stiff. At the same time, it provides great vibration damping without any additional damping elements. This unique properties combination is ideal for road bikes.

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: Do you typically build bikes to order? Do you offer custom builds?

Kyrstian: Typically I build custom bikes to order. There are 6 different frame sizes, wood can be chosen from 7 species, and bike can be equipped in any road groupset. Frame geometry and shape cannot be modified. In the future, I'm going to introduce pre-built bikes available in stock.

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: What types of wood do you typically use?  How long does it take to build a custom bike?

Krystian: I use ash as the main material. In addition, a customer can choose from 6 species: maple, merbau, walnut, padauk, wenge, zebrano.

The minimum time for a custom bike is 3 months but a lot depends on the type of wood the customer chooses.  I always set this time individually.

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: What do you love most about building wood bicycles?

Krystian: Building wooden bikes is a very unique combination of art, engineering, and craftsman. As an engineer, I love to solve technical problems and to create new solutions. As a craftsman, I like the most, the moment when the first layer of clear coat is applied to raw wood. It emphasizes the color of the wood and means that the construction is coming to an end.

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: What has been the biggest challenge / obstacle to success?

Krystian: Usually, when people see my bikes it is their first contact with a wooden bicycle. They are surprised and delighted, but they do not always take it seriously. That is why the biggest challenge is to show people that they can have a bike made of wood just like any other steel, aluminum or carbon bike.

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: What do you wish people knew about wood bicycles?

Krystian: I would like people to know that wooden bikes are made to ride, not just to watch. There is no need to worry about their durability. They also have many advantages and can be treated equally with even professional carbon bikes.    

Krystian Lemkowski Myriad Bikes Wood Road Bike


WBS: Where can people learn more about your work?