Builder Profile: Volk Bikes

Volk Bikes Wood Bikes

Meet Daniel Hoffman, the Design, Director and Fearless Leader of Volk Bikes in South Africa. 

Dan got into designing and building wood bikes from a passionate belief that bikes are an "instrument of freedom" and that we can make the world a better place. 

"I believe that we can do better in terms of sustainability, and I have a desire to prove that we can achieve both sustainability and performance."  Daniel Hoffman

Dan approaches his designs as an exercise in design simplicity.  Dan's designs show off an appreciation for clean lines, angles and attention to detail in the connection points between frame components.

Read on to learn more about Volk Bikes and Dan.

WBS: What type of bikes do you build?

Dan: Cutting edge, modern design, sustainable hardwood, CADand CNC engineered Custom Frames.

Volk Bikes Wood Bikes


WBS: Do you typically build bikes to order? Do you offer custom builds?

Dan: Custom build to order right now with plans to offer off the peg standard frames in the near future.


Volk Bikes Wood Bikes


WBS: What types of wood do you typically use?

Dan: Currently Ash and Beech but open to work with customer requests as long as they meet our structural requirements.

Volk Bikes Wood Bikes


WBS: What do you love most about building wood bicycles?

Dan: What I love most about building wood bicycles is the fact that in terms of design the only limitations are your imagination.


Volk Bikes Wood Bikes


WBS: What has been the biggest challenge / obstacle to success?

Dan: We’re a very small company, in a small town with little exposure to the rest of the world, we’re entirely self funded, and we’re trying to achieve a whole lot with very little in the way of resources. And we need to convince the cycling community that wood is a viable alternative to traditional materials in terms of performance.


WBS: What do you wish people knew about wood bicycles?

Dan: I wish people knew that they are a great alternative to carbon, steel, and aluminum etc, in terms of performance, often times outperform those materials in terms of rider comfort without sacrificing performance, and are very sustainable.

Volk Bikes Wood Bikes


WBS: Where can people learn more about your work?

Dan: Check out our website and social media pages!