Builder Profile: Woodwork Creations

Paul Allsop Wood Bike Builder 

Meet Paul Allsop, the Carpenter/Designer of Woodwork Creations in Perth, Australia.  Paul's passion is building a creating unique items from wood and browsing his website ( shows his beautiful work ranging from furniture and cabinetry to paddle boards and bicycles.

Paul is a carpenter and woodworker by trade and approaches building bikes from that perspective.  He shared some inspiring words for anyone considering a project. 

"I'm a strong believer that you can build anything you put your mind to. I mainly use hand tools in shaping and constructing my bikes, so don't let fancy joinery and CNC machinery turn you off your dream."  Paul Allsop

Paul had the idea to build a wooden bike and hadn't seen anyone else doing it yet.  Like many of us who have this idea, Paul began searching on the internet and found other people who appeared to have engineering backgrounds and who were using CNC machines.  Given his background and prior work with paddle boards and boats, Paul thought he would make his completely using his carpentry tools.  

Paul's latest bike is made from Walnut.  Next, Paul is planning to build a BMX bike.

Read on to learn more about Woodwork Creations and Paul Allsop.

WBS: What is your favorite wood bike that you have built so far?

Paul: My favorite bike would have to be my track bike. Made from zebra wood with a walnut pinstripe. It is a fixed gear bike meaning it has no gears.  Carbon fiber was added over the alloy dropouts to give a futuristic look.

Paul Allsop Wood Bike Track Bike


WBS: How long did it take from start to finish to build the bike?

Paul: I spent about 120 hours building this bike.  I designed the internal aluminum pates to give strength as the frame is only about 20mm thick.

Woodwork Creations Wood Bike


WBS: What was the biggest challenge to overcome? What information / resources  do you wish you had at the beginning?

Paul: With any bike build the challenge comes in building the frame to the desired bike parts you want to use.  For example, the chainstays on a track bike or a single speed are built for an axle at 120 mm whereas on a mountain bike, it is 135 mm.  And it changes again depending on the width of axle on the bike rims.

It pays to know what style of bike you want to build and the parts you want to use before you start.

All my information cam from asking questions at the local bike shop.  I did not know much about bikes from the start but learnt a lot as I proceeded with creating different styles.

Woodwork Creations Wood Bike


WBS: Do you plan to build any more in the future?

Paul: I do plan to build more bikes!  I have created 7 bikes so far and I also plan to sell plans for those who want to build their own.  You don't need to be an engineer or have a CNC machine to build a bike.

Woodwork Creations Wood Bike


WBS: Where people can learn more about your work?

Paul: My Instagram profile @woodwork_creations is where I mostly share my bikes.  My web page, has my bikes and other creations.

Woodwork Creations Wood Bike