Builder Profile: Woody's Fenders

Cody Davis Wood Fender Builder

Meet Cody Davis, the Wood Jockey of Woody's Fenders in Bend, Oregon. This week's profile is a little different as Cody is well known for beautiful and unique wooden bike fenders.

Cody started building wood fenders when he was working at a local bike shop and his boss showed him a photo of some fenders he had seen at the Interbike show.  Cody was into woodworking and was making furniture at the time and saw an opportunity to make something cool.

When I asked Cody if he considers building a hobby or a profession, he replied "it's neither... it's just plain fun!"

After a lot of testing, making prototypes and selling on eBay, Cody decided to start making the fenders full time.  He had a website made, quit his job and started building in his garage.

"Now my commute is out to the garage every morning to my small wood shop with coffee cup in hand.  It couldn’t get any better!"  Cody Davis

Read on to learn more about Woody's Fenders and Cody Davis.

WBS: What do you build?

Cody: I design and build wood bicycle fenders, both flat profile and fully shaped compound curve style (just like plastic or metal), wood chain guards, wood racks, bike stands, cool bottle openers (I live in the beer capital of the PNW), cutting boards, plant holders, candle holders, and also odd projects for people upon request. 

Woody's Fenders Wood Bike Box

 The plant holders and cutting boards are made from my left over scrap wood.

Woody's Fenders Cutting Boards

WBS: Do you typically build to order? Do you offer custom builds?

Cody: Mostly it’s build to order because I offer various widths and wheel size options and couldn’t possibly stock all of them.  All my work could be considered “custom”.

Woody's Fenders Bicycle

WBS: What types of wood do you typically use?

Cody: Both domestic and non domestic.

WBS: What do you love most about building wood bicycles?

Cody: It’s art so I get to create and try out new ideas so it’s fun.  My favorite product so far is the compound curve fenders.

Woody's Walnut Fenders


WBS: What have been the biggest challenges / obstacles to success?

Cody: I am not a fan of dealing with computer issues.  It was also challenging to find a good source for the hardware for the fenders.

The most challenging thing I had to learn myself was how to make the compound curve fenders to make them shaped just like plastic or metal.  Over time I worked through it by trial and error and fortunately I still have all my fingers.  It got hairy a few times learning.


WBS: Where can people learn more about your work?

Cody: I sell on Etsy and through my web site at

I also have an Instagram (@woodysfenders) and Facebook Woody’s page which I post to often.  I sell some of my non bike related products like cutting boards, bottle openers, and air plant planters at “The Bend Store” downtown.

Woody's Fenders Other Products