About Us

We are a husband and wife team who live and breathe wood bikes.  Since starting our own wood bike company back in 2017 we have spent many long days calculating, designing, prototyping, testing, and building our Normal Bicycles.
Through our journey we've discovered some major hurdles in building a bike frame out of wood.  By building a community around it we hope to bridge these gaps and bring wood bike frames to as many builders and riders as we can.  We've built the Wood Bike Supply Company on the following three general principles to increase the accessibility of building and owning a wood bike:
1. Increase the awareness of wood bikes and wood bike builders.
2. Provide the wood frame building market with tools and materials.
3. Promote the sharing of technical knowledge.
Chris, a long time cyclist is an engineer first and a woodworker second.  It doesn't matter how beautiful a bike looks if you can't ride it thousands of miles through rain and snow and mud.  Before working on wood bike frames he spent over ten years designing automotive frames and mounts, aerospace noise and vibration isolators, and industrial shock absorbers.  This boils down to designing parts and structures that are strong, reliable, quiet, and smooth - which are also the perfect attributes to a wood bicycle frame.
Jess, also a long time cyclist is a business consultant and project manager focused on efficient processes and results.  She's also trained as a professional bike mechanic and loves the process of designing purposeful bikes for Normal Bicycles.  For Jess it's all about the adventure and new places that a bike can take you, and doing it on a smooth and responsive wood bike pushes the experience to another level.
Wood Bike Supply is our means of sharing the knowledge we've gained and that of everyone else wishing to promote wood as a practical bike frame building material.